Artist Expresses the Relationship Between Nature and Life Through Abstract Art

Darpan ART

New Delhi: ‘Darpan’ an art exhibition by UK-based artist Anuj Kumar held in the Open Palm Court gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on April 8 – 10, 2022. Anuj’s paintings are abstract expressions on life and nature. An honest reflection, a mirror (Darpan in Hindi), he explores the universality of basic emotions and the human response to all that is around. 50 contemporary paintings displayed with complementary couplets in Hindi.

“Art is a mirror of the times we live in. It is extremely important to engage with art in our daily consciousness; especially for children and youth. In current times, fine art as an art form encourages self-reflection and empathy towards our surroundings. The more avenues and support artists and audiences can get, the more we can evolve as a society,” Artist Anuj Kumar says.

In our daily lives, we are often running against time, wanting more, accumulating more. With his paintings and poetry, Anuj aspires to encourage everyone to acknowledge that our ability to express, emote and experience everyday life often mirrors and is dependent on how we engage with nature (other humans, animals, flora and fauna).

Fine art should “cater to multiple budgets” Anuj emphasises. Consequently, he has made a conscious effort to present different sizes for different audiences. “Engagement with art should not be dependent on size. There is a perception (artists and buyers) that often-larger size artworks warrant greater appreciation; both in terms of an artist’s ability to express a subject in large proportions as well as the ability to manage execution at scale. But size should not matter. As a creative form, art should be made available for the viewing pleasure and ownership for everyone,” he asserts.

With this exhibition – “Darpan”, Anuj urges audiences to actively engage with life in search for beauty and an honest engagement with nature.



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