7th Edition of TEDx IIM Rohtak: One Step Forward

IIM Rohtak Press Release

Rohtak, 12th November 2022: TEDx IIM-Rohtak, since it’s past 6 editions has set a benchmark for hosting events that have, time and again, pushed the limits of creativity, a thought to bring a change, a change that will create a certain alteration in the perception of individuals. We have brought together visionaries, thinkers, and doers of different disciplines from around the country to create events filled with ideas and discussions that contribute to meaningful change.

It’s time we explore the complicated relationship between business and nature, between sustainability and economics, between life and livelihood. With the theme of ‘One step forward’, a step taken towards changes, a step of growth, a step of telling the tale of moving forward. The event is accumulated with renowned speakers like

  • Dr. Vikas Mahatme– He is a Padmashri Awarded Indian ophthalmologist, social entrepreneur, visionary, and a former member of the Parliament in Rajya Sabha.
  • Mr. Harsh Pamnani– He is a storyteller by passion and a brand expert by profession. He has authored several best-selling books, including Booming Brands and Booming Digital Stars, and close to 100 articles with publications like CNBC and Forbes.
  • Dr. Jasmin Gupta – She is a Co-Founder and CEO, women-focused financial platform LXME, is a Triple Gold Medalist in MBA, & has done PhD in Financial Inclusion and Digitalization.
  • Payal Rohatgi – She is a well-known bollywood actor and model, who is the Gujarat Board Topper and a Computer Engineer. She has bagged the title of ‘Supermodel Miss Tourism World 2002’
  • Nandini Mansinghka – She is the Co-founder and CEO of Mumbai Angels Network, India’s leading investment platform specialising in new venture investments. She is also the Founder and Investor of Digibooster, South Asia’s largest B2B content market.
  • Ramveer Tanwar– Dubbed the Pond Man of India, Ramveer Tanwar is a Noida based environmentalist who quit his highpaying job to take up preservation of water bodies. He has also been appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who mentioned him in his Mann ki Baat.
  • Sarah Hussain – She started ZingyZest at the age of 19, later joined by Saurav Nagar as a co-founder. They’ve collaborated with the biggest brands in India, like Kwality Walls, LG, Kingfisher, and has worked with international companies like hosting European Union Food Show, Yas Island Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey tourism to name a few. They have a combined following of over a million, and are currently one of India’s top food bloggers.

Director, IIM Rohtak, Prof Dheeraj Sharma at his opening address said,” Because of the proliferation of mobile phones and computing devices and ubiquity of the internet, we have outsourced our thinking to the west. Search engines and social media have significantly reduced deep thinking, imagination, and accommodation, which are the cornerstones for the progress of Indian society.”

According to Dr. Jasmin Gupta, “It’s Time to change the Gender – Agnostic Approach. Today 48.5% of India’s population is women. While Lakshmi is considered the Goddess of Wealth in India, it is paradoxical to note that women and wealth do not enjoy a close relationship. As per LXME Women and Money Power Survey Report March 2022, 73% of women save less than 20% of their income. Shocking 49% of women are either not investing or are not aware of their investments. A whopping 63% of women prioritized Family security and child’s education as the primary drivers for investments over personal goals like self-security, retirement and starting their own business. Only 2% of women save money for their retirement. 58% of women have no insurance -life or health. 92% of women do not access any financial platforms.”

Payal Rohatgi while talking about his journey said, “My father graduated from IIT Kanpur. I am a computer engineer myself. I have been great in academics. I used to take part in debates and fashion shows as well in my college days. My youth has had both the flavours of fashion and speech. If I had accepted defeat that I faced in ‘The Femina Miss India’ pageant then it would be my final destiny but I took up the challenge and with perseverance, the title that I could manage to win was ‘Supermodel Miss Tourism World’ in Medellin, South America.. I hope to inspire the youth attending this platform to grasp the positive aspect of this experience of mine for your life journey. She added, “But let me tell you as I was no star kid, I had to work to pay my bills. I had to work towards getting my dues that were committed from the production house too. Life is not easy being an outsider in the industry. But with the onset of social media, there has been opening of ample opportunities for newcomers to get work in modelling and TV industry without succumbing to any kind of unprofessional pressure. Public awareness is the weapon I feel for any wrong being done to any newcomer. So from being a computer engineer to getting into modelling and finally getting into the TV industry was always ‘One Step at a time’.”

While starting his talk on the theme of the event “one step forward” Dr. Vikas Mahatme said “Reservation is an affirmative action by the government to offer an equal opportunity to those who are socially and educationally backward. But is it really reaching to the ‘Right Person’? … Is a big question! The solution to this question is the Weighted Indexing System. With this, priority shall be given to a person, whose parents are illiterate, the one who comes from village, and who took education in Municipal schools”

Mr. Harsh Pamnani emphasized on, “How to distinguish yourself in a crowded market?” During his address, he said, “Once upon a time, becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or doing an MBA from a reputed institute was a gateway to a successful career path. But this scenario doesn’t exist anymore. The way supermarkets are crowded with multiple options of well-packaged soaps, shampoos, and snacks, career markets are loaded with smart people with similar qualifications and skills. Now, think about how you make choices in a supermarket. Occasionally you compare prices, and in rare circumstances, you check product ingredients. But usually, out of many options available, you pick up a brand you trust, love, and respect. Similarly, in career markets, whether someone likes us, would want to work with us, or trust us, depends to a large degree on our personal brand. Friends, whether you are competing for promotion, looking for a job, or planning to switch careers, you will need more than working hard, perfecting a skill, or earning a qualification alone. You need to take one step forward and build your brand to get closer to your goals.”


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